• The Ancasta Autumn Collection

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The Ancasta Autumn Collection

This event is going to be the biggest brokerage event of 2014.   Broadening the reach beyond the limitations of a traditional used boat show the Autumn Collection utilises the entire Ancasta Network including all locatons both in the UK and overseas. 

This event will be running throughout the key period of the year for boat sales and to create a hightened level intensity we will be introducing a buyers incentive to run from 3rd - 12th October taking away those fustrating costs to further streamline the buying process.  


If you list your boat with any Ancasta office from today, your boat will be included in the Autumn Collection, promoted heavily online and in print throughout August, September and October (benefiting from running concurrently with the Southampton Boat Show) and will include a lift, clean and storage deal if required depending on the location of your choise.  

Enquire today via any of our 15 offices for more information.


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