Drink Driving Laws introduced to pleasure boating

For many years it has been assumed that boat owners are able to “get away with” a few drinks before choosing to drive their vessels across busy shipping lanes. It is apparent these times are coming to an end after the announcement made by joint marine agencies that harbour masters, port authorities and river police will now be able to "stop and breathalyse” any vessel seen to be acting irresponsibly or showing any signs that the skipper is under the influence.

The announcement made today (1.4.14) sees an end to the years of partying on the water and will have a significant effect on larger water-borne events such as Cowes Week. Boating and drinking have gone together since the first boats set sail however after many years of debate the decision has finally been made to regulate what is commonly referred to as “inevitable tragedy” and there are countless stories of drink induced incidents. For more information see more on the IMA website

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