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FAST40+ Class to Compete for the Prestigious One Ton Cup

In September this year, the FAST40+ Class will compete for the prestigious One Ton Cup at their national championship event to be held at the Royal Southern Yacht Club in Hamble. 

Created by the Cercle de la Voile de Paris in 1899, the One Ton Cup is steeped in history and the solid silver trophy is an impressive masterpiece of art nouveau style. Over the years this coveted trophy has been raced
for by top class sailing fleets including one tonners, International 6 Metres and Corel 45s, and has been won by some of the most influential sailing legends of all time including Syd Fischer OBE, Harold Cudmore, Henrik Soderlund, King Harald V of Norway, Paul Cayard and Sir Russell Coutts. 

This year this prestigious sailing cup will be the fought for by the new FAST40+ Class on the UK’s Solent. This honour further cements the class’ global reputation as one of the most innovative and compelling sailing fleets around today. The fleet itself has seen four more boats join it since its first event just three months ago, bringing the total number on the startline to 14, and with increased interest from around Europe and the support of high profile trophies like the One Ton Cup, the class is expected to expand even further next year.

Ker 40+
on the FAST40+ Podium

The five Ker 40+ yachts competing in the FAST40+ UK series are showing great promise and performing well with numerous podium results so far, and with two more Ancasta boats, ‘Magnum 4’ and ‘Pace’, now also on the startline, we’re looking forward to seeing even more great results from this fantastic race boat. A semi-custom build, the Ker 40+ builds on the success of the Ker 40 but with further optimisation for the FAST40+ rule. A much lighter hull displacement and deeper draft has reduced drag and the keel fin is optimised both structurally and hydrodynamically. The hull shape also has more volume further forwards and above the normal waterline to allow the yacht to be pushed hard downwind in a big breeze.

Follow the FAST40+ Class via their Facebook page or visit the class association website 

Ancasta has a number of boats for sale that fit the FAST40+ rule specification so if you are looking to get involved, take a look at our race yacht brokerage web pages

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