Motor Boats Monthly July Issue Pays Tribute to Ancastas Aftersales Service

When Ancasta became sponsors for Motor Boat Monthly’s 2012 Cruising Club, MBM did not hesitate to select the Prestige 350 Flybridge as their official control boat for the MBM Cruising Club’s events this year. 

So impressed with its innovative design and impeccable performance, the magazine has documented every part of its journey and relationship with the aptly named ‘ Blue Fin’. 

In this month’s issue, the magazine has produced an entire article, that while extolling the virtues of their new acquisition, gives readers an invaluable insight into the commission and aftersales  experience with Ancasta.

This is the first time that MBM have ever sourced their boat through Ancasta and began by saying

The team there were keen  to take us through the sales and handover processes in as realistic a way as possible, whilst showing us the full range of services at Ancasta HQ in Port Hamble, which includes Hamble Yacht Services boatyard.”

Given that MBM had bespoke needs for the boat, our team set about ensuring that attention to these details was implemented.  Neale Byart of MBM continues…

Our order was sent to the factory and our boat was given its place in the production line.  For many buyers this would be the last contact they would have with the dealer before delivery, but Ancasta include a second meeting while the boat is still in build.  This allows you to go over the specification and ensure that everything is agreed and also to talk to the Ancasta team about any new requirements once the boat is delivered.”

The magazine article continues to make personal mention of Simon Miles, Ancasta’s Commissioning Manager and as well as citing his dedicated efficiency, makes the very valid point…

Having one point of contact for the myriad of onboard kit was, we have to say, a joy.”

Thanks to MBM for allowing us to reproduce their article.  They have been an absolute delight to work with and  while working relations continue we will leave the final word (or two) up to them. 

The hand over day was the most structured and well organised we have ever experienced.  It had been a busy day, but one that left us feeling very confident in the Ancasta set-up and completely familiar with a boat we had barely spent a day aboard.

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