New Lagoon Charter Brochure

Take a look at our new Lagoon Charter Purchase & Management Brochure (Link Below). This new package offers something completely unique to the growing number of customers looking to buy a Lagoon Catamaran.

We’ve partnered with the best to bring you an affordable and unique experience, that could transform your cost of ownership.

Why Charter Management? If you're thinking about keeping a new sailing yacht overseas, a charter management company can be a great way to contribute to the annual cost of berthing, insurance and maintenance. In addition to the obvious financial benefits, a well-managed yacht will be maintained in “turn-key” condition so less of the owner’s precious spare time is wasted in arduous maintenance and more can be spent enjoying quality time on the water.

So where do you start? There is already a minefield of overseas charter operators to choose from, with wildly varying attributes, and it can be difficult matching these to your specific requirements.

What's so good about our new Charter offering? This new partnership has been created to help you, the yacht purchaser, choose both your yacht supplier and charter operator, with confidence. We’ve carefully selected partners with reputations that have been built upon offering a completely bespoke service, with owners and clients alike. Not only will our partners operate to the highest possible standards, but we’ve been careful to select only those that are most likely to get the most from operating a Lagoon catamaran within their existing fleet of boats.

What Next? To find out more about the Charter Purchase and Management Service from Ancasta, or to ask about any matters regarding the Lagoon catamarans range, contact the Lagoon Sales team.

Lagoon Sales Team
T: 023 8045 0000

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