The Stunning Fairlie 53 is Very Near Completion

A very exciting day, as the Fairlie team fit the 53's solid teak deckhouse and roof

Completion of the new Fairlie 53 took another step closer today as we witnessed the fitting of the solid Teak deckhouse and roof. A very exciting day for all concerned, including us enthusiastic onlookers!  When such a beautiful yacht  takes shape, and her stunning lines are evident for all to see, one can really appreciate the exquisite artistry and craftsmanship  that goes into every Fairlie design.

Searching for the ultimate vessel in which he could sail shorthanded around the world, our Spanish client will now sit proudly at the large chart table within his new deckhouse, which will not only afford him complete protection, but excellent visibility whilst cruising the oceans as intended. The large holes on the middeck are where the traditional opening skylights will be fitted in due course.
To re-cap, the Fairlie 53’s dimensions are:

Length - 16.30m / 53 ft
Beam - 3.95m / 13 ft
Draught - 2.60m / 8.5 ft
Displacement - 13,500kg / 29,700 lbs

For your chance to view this stunning new classic, simply contact

Alastair Shove: 
Tel: +44 2380 450 000

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