Our SOS to Potential Lagoon Owners

Our goal is simple. We want to introduce like-minded clients in the hope that we can get them on board, to take ownership of a brand new Lagoon Catamaran. 

How Does It Work?

Many Lagoon Catamarans are kept overseas with owners using their yachts for extended holiday periods just once or twice a year. This kind of usage lends itself perfectly to a system of ownership which is shared between two or more parties. Complementary requirements are very easily established; e.g.  a couple that holiday off-peak could easily accommodate sharing with a family who have school commitments. Everyone benefits from uncompromised access to the boat when it suits them, while enjoying reduced outlay and a fixed annual cost. Furthermore, the right co-owner will help you with the physical as well as the financial aspects of yacht maintenance. We all know that yachts and their systems are far happier being used and maintained regularly, than when they are left unattended for long periods.

Ancasta has an extremely large database of clients who have expressed a serious interest in purchasing a Lagoon Catamaran. We believe we know many potential owners with the same aspirations.

We are NOT… 

Offering Yacht Management or Fractional Ownership or Charter Purchase – though if it’s a charter revenue that you’re looking for, we can help!

Charging a fee for this service.

Going to publish your contact details anywhere else.

We are… 

Looking forward to introducing clients who have the same single goal and getting them aboard a new Lagoon.

Confident that we will find reasonable and appropriate matches. Having done so, with the permission of both (or all) parties we will put you in touch with each other.

Hoping that if your introduction is successful you will ask Ancasta, as the UK’s Lagoon dealer, to help you choose a yacht specification, supply a new Lagoon at a competitive price and arrange the important registration giving you a clear and undisputed legal share of the ownership in accordance with your wishes.

This is Ancasta’s part in the play. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Ancasta will be taking part with Lagoon at this year's Portsmouth Multihull Show on the 15th & 16th June, so come and talk to us. If you would like share this information and check out the t's & c's, simply view our brochure below.


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