The Motor Boat Club Take on Cowes...

and the weather - and they win!

  • Ancasta Motor Boat Club in Cowes

Once upon a time, last Friday, t’was a stormy, stormy day and the residents of Cowes on the Isle of Wight woke to the steady rhythm of torrential rain and gale force winds of ‘biblical proportions’ which prevailed all day.  No sympathy; no relent; and absolutely no consideration for those wishing to motor across the Solent and indulge in some al fresco dining. The forecast did not look good, the flags could not be hoisted and the bunting was sure to go soggy… until Saturday arrived! The sunshine was absolutely glorious, and rose to greet our intrepid ‘clubbers’, who by lunchtime had perfectly navigated 17 gleaming motor boats into their berths at Cowes Yacht Haven. 

While waiting for the entire fleet’s arrival, in the main, formalities were dispensed with and the early arrivals cracked on with the more important issue of post crossing sustenance.  A few wines and a couple of beers later, and the entire team were ready to make their way through Cowes High Street to the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club for the ‘End of Summer Barbeque’. How we laughed at those who had laughed at us on Friday.

As our photos on facebook give testimony, take a look here we could not have wished for a more pleasant start to the afternoon and while the staff of the RCYC ensured everyone enjoyed a complimentary beverage or two on Ancasta, many took to the terrace to enjoy the last few rays of autumnal warmth and enjoy the incredible views and spectacle of yacht racing which was conveniently taking place directly in front of us.  The RCYC provided a delicious lunch, with steaks cooked to order outside, while our marquee provided respite from the sea breeze, and a beautiful buffet with a selection of delicious hot and cold foods inside.

A very relaxing afternoon was spent dining and drinking, and after much discussion, it was decided to follow the street to the nearest destination for a bit more of the same – (although it is open to debate how much more ‘dining’ actually took place).  The gang found themselves in Bertie’s Bar, and this, apparently (for those of us who had retired early) is where the grand tour of Cowes’ watering holes, began and this is where the grand tour ended!  Again, the photos seem to indicate that no one was in any particular hurry to do more sightseeing.

An absolutely brilliant day and for many, a wonderful weekend. Particular mention must go to Emily da Costa, who used to run the Motor Boat Club, and joined us for the day with the little da Costas. It was a day when many familiar faces were most welcome.  Thanks to all of our members for making the effort and making it all so much fun. There are plans underway for Gun Wharf next time, so watch this space! 

Incidentally, it rained in Cowes all day Sunday and was possibly worse than Friday.

News just in

Phil Mitchell from Eastenders was in Bertie’s bar on Saturday night.  Our MBC eye witnesses have reported back that he looks just like Phil Mitchell in real life and he sounds just like Phil Mitchell in real life… yet another Ancasta Exclusive!

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