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The London Boat Show Provided the Perfect Positive Start to 2015

The 61st annual CWM FX London Boat Show finished on Sunday 18 January 2015 and has been hailed as a huge success not only within the marine industry but as one of the UK’s celebrated world class events which attracted an extremely impressive 92,288 visitors!

Everyone in the Ancasta team who went up to represent Prestige, and both Beneteau Sail & Power  unanimously agreed that indeed, it had provided the perfect springboard into the new year, with productive new alliances and leads being generated on a daily basis and definite sales negotiated on  models from each of the brands we represented.

The overall view was that the Excel had provided both an excellent venue and facilities, which were complemented with all the new visual and inter-active attractions. Couple this with over 400 marine industry exhibitors and 400 new boats, 83 of which were making their debut and visitors to the event were certainly assured of plenty of variety. The show genuinely provided something to entertain everyone attending -even if it was just spotting the famous faces in the crowd, Princes Anne, Nicole Scherzinger and Sir Ben Ainslie among the many.

Murray Ellis, Managing Director of the CWM FX London Boat Show told the press

“We have enjoyed a world-class Show with many of the world’s best brands from the marine industry.  Visitor feedback has been really positive, the new creative giving the Show a strong identity has been very well received, there’s been positive energy creating a fantastic atmosphere which have contributed to good sales.”

Ancasta would like to concur with Mr Ellis that indeed, 2015 has set the precedence for the future of the London Boat Show and we look forward to returning next year.

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