Boat Ownership Options

Do you dream of owning a yacht or perhaps want to upgrade your current vessel to something bigger, more luxurious or faster?

Today there are many different routes to boat ownership and some can even help reduce the financial strain and time commitment required to make owning a yacht a much more realistic goal. Here are just a few of the ways in which you can achieve your dreams, enjoy time onboard and make the most of your investment.

Managed Investment and Revenue Plans

If you want to cruise around in luxury without having to worry about maintenance, and receive up to 12% annual return on your yacht purchase, or maybe take ownership of a brand new yacht for half the price, then a Yacht Investment and Management plan could be just the ticket. Ancasta partner, Navigare Yachting, offers a number of comprehensive and lucrative yacht and lifestyle investment programmes. Simply invest in a new or used yacht that is then chartered out by Navigare Yachting and, depending on the programme you choose, receive revenue from the yacht charter or finance the rest of the yacht’s value with the charter income. And if that wasn’t enough, you can also enjoy all of the benefits of the Navigare Holiday Programme which allows you to sail up to 12 weeks a year on any of Navigare’s charter yachts all around the world or to book one of their luxury villas in both sunny locations and high quality ski resorts for no extra cost.

Full Time Management

Want to own a yacht without the hassle of looking after all of the day to day running activities? Do you dream of just turning up and going yachting knowing that everything is in hand? Well, diYachting aim to take away all of the stresses and worries of owning a yacht so that all you have to do is relax and enjoy your time on the water, wherever in the world you happen to be. Never worry about logistics, financials or maintenance again - let diYachting handle everything from the commissioning of your new yacht, the day-to-day running of it and berthing to crew management, repairs...anything and everything! This is a great ownership option for those who don’t want their yacht to be used by anyone else but don’t have the time to look after it on a day to day basis.


Acquire the yacht of your dreams today with the help of affordable finance options. Whether you take out a secure loan or opt for a lease with purchase plan, extra finance can help you to secure the boat that you really want, without compromise. The Ancasta Purchase Plan with Societe Generale/CGI/SGB provides you with the opportunity to deal with one of the largest marine finance companies in the world. Each and every finance plan with SGB is customised to suit your individual circumstances by a team of experienced marine finance specialists so you can rest assured that you’ll obtain a good deal and receive excellent service.

Fractional Membership

Fractional membership provides the opportunity to experience all of the benefits of owning a yacht without the financial commitment and ongoing maintenance hassle. Sign up for a boat share membership and you’ll get regular access to a yacht for pre-booked periods of time. Enjoy time onboard a boat and take it wherever you wish at times that are convenient to you, without the cost of mooring fees, insurance or any ongoing running and maintenance costs.

Boat owners can benefit from Fractional Membership too. Management of your boat by a Fractional Membership Company like SailTime will help cover the ongoing running costs of your yacht like mooring fees, insurance, maintenance, storage and fuel. You’ll still benefit from guaranteed and regular access to your boat through an online scheduling system, with the added benefit of it always being ready to sail with fuel and water tanks topped up and all maintenance taken care of.


Last but not least, yacht charter is a fantastic option if you want to get out on a boat that would otherwise be out of reach or in a far away location. Ancasta partner, Indigo Bay Charter, offers luxury yachts and powerboats for charter in luxurious locations all around the world. All vessels are managed by professional crew so you’ll be well looked after during your luxury getaway. The experienced Indigo Bay team will also arrange a bespoke itinerary for you and your guests and even organise extra onshore activities for you to enjoy. Whilst you won’t own the boat, you do have the flexibility to travel and sail anywhere in the world that you choose and to try different types of yachts and powerboats as you like. You’ll also benefit from not having to worry about looking after the boat, managing the crew or even skippering it - everything is taken care of.

Find Out More

With so many excellent routes to choose from, there really is something for everyone and access to boat ownership has never been easier. If you are interested in buying a boat and would like to find out more about the different ownership options available to you through Ancasta, please get in touch with the Ancasta Sales Team - call 023 8045 0000

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